TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS Provides a broad spectrum of services to the international organizations requiring a single window agency to conduct their activities in India. Our experience and networking in the Government, corporate and various regulatory bodies gives us the advantage of providing the best services in all spheres of business.

  •  The objective of these offices is to collect information about possible market opportunities and provide information about the company and its products/services to the Indian customers and in general to act as a single point contact for the foreign entity in India
  • Representing the foreign entity in India
  • Conduct groundwork for their presence
  • Promoting export/import from/to India.
  •  Liaison with various government and regulatory authorities


National and International organisations entering Indian market to commence or operate a venture need licenses, regulatory approvals.

TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS with its vast experience facilitates companies to establish and commence business. Besides, it also assist companies in having them as well as their products registered and do business with / from DGS&D, CPWD, Defence Sectors and other PSUs.

    •  To act as an interface between the foreign entrepreneur and Government to disseminate the information regarding Rules, Regulatory & Statutory requirements and assist them in getting required approvals.
    •  Assist in Registration with DGS&D/ CPWD.
    •  Assist in procuring Business from various Public sector organizations.


Business houses recognize that growth from Key Accounts/Corporate Business is critical in order to achieve ambitious growth targets. Retaining and gaining business share from existing & new Key customers is the most profitable way and is a long term investment for the future. With increased competition & Account concentration, its becoming difficult and costly for business houses to focus on this segment through its traditional sales force or conventional channel partners.

Thus the need of outsourcing to TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS.

We sell your products and services in the field as enterprise sales representative traveling as “Branded” representatives meaning the customer sees the sales force as extensions of your brand . We do reporting in detailed ways, typically exceeding what most clients could get in terms of metrics from their own force. We build the programs and close the deals on your “paper.”

  • As a Business Development Partner, TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS’S role would be:

    •  Lead Generation – Identify potential customers based on market opportunities, Industry contacts, business conferences etc.
    •  Customer Acquisition – Prepare sales pitch and conduct sales meetings/calls with prospective customers.
    •  Account Management – Track and record activity on existing customer account, grow and retain existing account.
    •  Execution Support – Provide assistance in execution of projects.
    •  Reporting – Management information system ‘MIS’ of all activities for business development.

Management headed by experienced people in marketing of building products and services . Strong Networking in – Hospitality, Real Estate, Health and with Influencers.

  • As a Business Development Partner, TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS’S role would be:

    •  Well versed with Key Accounts management and process – Segment Strategy, Customer strategy and product strategy.
    •  Best Practices.


TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS plays the role as a partner during the course of entire project cycle

    •  Project Creation / Promotion – Preconceiving various probable projects in line with periodic development plan of the country.
    •  Project Promotion & Pre-tender Stage – Assisting in collection of advance information’s on the forthcoming tenders. co-work for forthcoming projects.
    •  Bidding Stage – Assisting in pre-qualification of the principal if so required by tender conditions. After pre-qualifying, provide necessary data and information to the principal to prepare best/competitive offer.
    •  Bid Evaluation – Assisting in effective liaison support necessary to assist principals to secure contract.
    •  Execution of Contract – Assisting on award of contract (mobilize resources to successfully complete the contractual obligation and also to ensure timely receipt of payments from the local client).


In its latest bid to woo global chains such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tesco the Indian government very recently (2017-18) sweetened the deal for foreign investment in multi-brand retail stores, besides liberalizing rules for overseas companies looking to invest in manufacturing defence goods or running telecom companies.

Foreign retailers will now be allowed to open stores in cities that have a population of less than one million.

TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS have taken a lead in representing global brands at these retail chains.

  • We as ‘Modern Trade Consultant’ represent companies for their business with both global and Indian Retail chains across country. Our role would be:
    1. Bring company and modern trade together for business wherein we act as a consultant, who will introduce company to modern trade, get all Terms and Conditions ‘T&Cs’ clarified, help in getting commercials closed, signing of agreements. Help in registration of both Company and distributor, putting up display, start of business and follow ups.
    2.  Coordination for Supply – As a Consultant we will be single point contact for procuring the orders, monitor the dispatch of the goods through local distributors of the company.
    3.  Reporting of initiatives for each modern trade, collation of status of sales and collections for each month.


TECHNOKRAT SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of products and risk management services to commercial enterprises, institutions, Group housing societies and Individuals. Liaison India has helped Corporate Houses to select a suitable coverage for themselves from a wide variety of Specialty and Liability Insurance

We constantly continue to focus on tailoring our products based on our clients needs, with wide products range for both general and life insurance business.

Liaison India are the channel partners of United India Assurance General Insurance Co. Ltd & Life Insurance Corporation Of India.

    • Products offered by us are:
    •  Liability Insurance.
    •  Fire Insurance.
    •  Electronic & Mach. Break down.
    •  Marine Insurance.
    •  Health Insurance.
    •  Motor Insurance.
    •  Travel & Home Insurance.
    •  Third Party Liabilities.
    •  Earthquake & Workmen Compensation.
    •  Life Insurance – Endowment Plan, Children Plan, Pension Plan ,Term Plan.