Import & Export

We are specialized importers for raw & mineral materials, fertilizer grade raw materials such as

·          Phosphate rock

·         UREA

·         Red and yellows iron oxide

·         Mono ammonium phosphate

·         Mono potassium phosphate

·         Potassium Sulphate

·         Potassium Nitrate


·         Di Ammonium phosphate

·         Rock salt

·         Sea salt

·         Quartz

  •           Silica Sand


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Why Us?

Some of the reasons that provide us to stay ahead of our competitors are mentioned below:
  •  Superior quality of every product
  •  Timely delivery
  •  Experienced and qualified professionals
  •  Satisfied client base
  •  Direct delivery to client on arrival of goods at destination
  •  High Business Ethics and Transparency while dealing with each client