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Asset Management System

Asset Management

Asset management is the process of developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner.It helps a company to monitor and manage their assets using a systematized approach. Managed effectively, the benefits include improvements to productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return on investment.

RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. The reader is a device that has one or more antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals back from the RFID tag. Tags, which use radio waves to communicate their identity and other information to nearby readers, can be passive or active. Passive RFID tags are powered by the reader and do not have a battery. Active RFID tags are powered by batteries. RFID tags can store a range of information from one serial number to several pages of data. Readers can be mobile so that they can be carried by hand, or they can be mounted on a post or overhead. Reader systems can also be built into the architecture of a cabinet, room, or building.

RFID Used in the Real World

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is mostly used in Logistics & Supply Chain Visibility, Item Level Inventory Tracking, Race Timing, Attendee Tracking, Materials Management, Access Control, IT Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking.

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